Sunday, September 14, 2008

My research and how you can help me continue it

The paper I am writing about my experience in Cambodia now has a working title, "Using Information and Communication Technology to Improve the Quality of Primary School Education in Cambodia: How the Internet can Help Cambodia Train its Teachers, Improve Grade Promotion Rates, and Produce Better Cohorts." It sounds complicated, but the concept is simple: it is a look at how ICT, specifically the Internet, can help Cambodian teachers to improve themselves and therefore make them better teachers, producing better students. And that, my friends, is a one-sentence summary of a 35-page paper!

For those who have never tuned in to this blog, here is some background to get you up to speed. This past June, I worked with primary school teachers at Wat Bo Primary School in Siem Reap, Cambodia, teaching them how to use the Internet and email, among other things.

I would like to return to the Wat Bo Primary School in the summer of 2009 for at least two weeks to do more research and continue where I left off. I need to show the teachers the Interactive English Language Lab software I built (we simply ran out of time before) as well as a host of other things, such as where to find teaching materials on the web. I would also like to provide the school's teachers with a printer, so they can produce output for the children such as worksheets.

I need your help to go again. I saw another person who raised over $4000 for her work in Cambodia through ChipIn, so I decided to give it a try myself. I am trying to raise about $6600, here's my budget. Here is how I am doing:

For more information about me, or my goal to help the teachers of Cambodia improve the quality of the education they provide, or to see the detailed project budget, see the special web pages I set up for it. You can also contact me.

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